How to Decrystallize Honey: Step By Step Process

Health, News / Monday, March 5th, 2018

We all know that honey is very essential for us because we utilize honey for many purposes like to be fit, to protect us from cold like coughs, sneezes as well as mucus. Honey makes our

body warm. When we buy honey from market, we get fresh decrystallized honey. You are able to lick it with your fingers. But, What if your honey gets crystallized? In this situation you have no idea to decrystallize the honey.

Here jcer blog discuss about some steps to decrystallize the honey. These steps are easy to follow. Anybody can follow these steps.

These steps significantly can change the crystallization of your honey into decrystallization. The process from crystallization to decrystallization takes only 4 to 5 minutes.

Decrystallization of Honey through pouring the water

Watch this video to know more:

Step 1

For decrystallization first of all, you need to take your honey out from the plastic bottle and put it in the bottle made of glass.

Step 2

After putting the honey in the bottle made of glass, for going through the decrystallization process you have to pour the hot water on the bottle.

Step 3

Apart from this, you need to pour the hot water on bottle for 5 to 6 minutes so that the crystallized honey could be fixed into decrystallization.

Step 4

Between 5 to 6 minutes the crystallized honey will be confiscated into decrystallized honey.

Step 5

Take jar glass and very gently take the honey out form the bottle. How much of the honey you need? Just put it in the jar glass.

Step 6

You would see the crystallized honey has been confiscated and you are able to take one full spoon of the honey.

Step 7

You would also think that, it is very easy to decrystallize the honey through these steps and honey is melted properly.

decrystallize honey

Decrystallization of Honey through Stove

  • It is also a great step to decrystallize the honey. You simply take the honey out from the plastic bottle and put it in the jar glass.


  • When the crystallized honey will be put in the jar glass. You will use the stove.


  • While using the stove you must remember that you have to utilize a bowl made of steel in which you have to put the water and put it on the stove.


  • Put the jar glass in the bowl in which you have to contain the warm water.


  • Bowl should be of little big in size, with which the crystallized honey could be decrystallized.


  • Put the temperature of stove on the normal mode so that; slowly the honey could be changed into decrystallization.


  • When the water will start boiling in the bowl, the honey will start changing.


  • Between 5 to 6 minutes you will have to see that, your decrystallized honey has taken its right place.

Decrystallization could also be done simply using bowl

  • We can also use a simple bowl and put the whole crystallized honey in it.


  • First of all, you will get your bowl where it is placed in any part of the kitchen and after that your steel bowl will be ready to put on the stove.
  • Simply take your crystallized honey out from the plastic bottle and put it in the bowl and use warm water in the bowl.


  • The stove should be put on the normal mode otherwise, the honey will be too much hot and when you will take this out from the bowl, after 5 minutes it will again be crystallized.


  • Warm water makes the honey decrystallized for a long time. This should be notified by you.

Use of Microwave for Decrystallization

  • You would simply put the plastic bottle full of honey in the microwave.
  • No need of any bowls or jar glass.
  • Put your microwave on normal temperature.
  • Let the honey gets heat inside the Microwave for a minute.
  • In a minute you will see the best result, you would see that the crystallized part of the honey has been decrystallized.

Here we will discuss about two of the major points for the necessity of decrystallization:



First of all, we want to claim that, when we start eating our food like we want to add honey in our food, fresh and decrystallized honey becomes the best part of your taste.



Decrystallized honey softens your tongue when you start eating your food and makes you feel like you are eating a delicious food.

Here, we can say that, decrystallized honey could be good for your health and if you want to add the old contained honey in your food then you must decrystallize it first and then add it in your food.

Always remember when you buy a new one, place it in a warm-full place where it gets normal temperature during winter season.

All we know that, winter season is the coldest one and we feel cold in this season due to which we need honey to add in our food for giving the warmth to our body. Decrystallized honey could make your day full of pleasure and deliciousness.