The Ten Secrets You Should Not Know About Robot Toys

News, Tools and Gadgets / Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Toy robots have a lot of fun to you and your kids as well. It is the dream of every kid to own a toy robot so as a parent you will motivate your kid by getting one for him/her.

We all know toy robots have so many fun and have many advantages in the process of bringing up your kid but as they nothing is perfectly sure toy robots have their disadvantages too. Visit to check more robot toys reviews.

In this article I will alight some of the top secrets you should not know about toy robots:

Toy robots are slow and still steady

It was not that the droids that seem to be unstoppable were made to last for 90 days. These kind of mars robot have gone across the red planet for more than three years. Their spirit and opportunity have really affected everything.

Toy robots are killers

It was once stated that the toy robots once killed a Japanese Kawasaki factory worker though it was cleared an accident but the toy robots should not be handled with a lot of care.

Don’t just relax and assume toy robots are human beings are like human beings who you can be aware when they want to attack you.

Toy Robots are Deadly

I thought you should know that the word robota which truly means killer. It is not funny when you hear that the toy robot can rise and kill you even if you are their maker.

All the time take the caution being aware that things change and they can change and get back to you to attack you later you will be left injured or even dead. Take note of this and be cautious this is machinery.

Toy Robots

They are widely used

Toy robot industries are now widely used everywhere and mostly in japan. This is one of the shortcomings of the toy industries for there will be scarcity of employment to the people. Lack of employment will be witnessed due to the dynamic growth of the toy robotic industries.

They are causing conflict between the technology

Majority of the states are recently using robots to demolish other countries. The outlawed groups in the society who are known to be harmful to the society have started using robotic toys to fight against their own neighbours.

It has been so difficult to fight a fight a robot which is in a form of robot. They are proving to be deadly they truly are like for instance, the Taliban fighters in the Afghanistan were recently reported to have used ladders which later made the get rid of the military robot which were used to guard them.

They are becoming evil

You should not be amazed in the near future when you hear robots are having sex with human beings. The world is heading due to the introduction of the toy robots.

Life is becoming useless considering most of people will be now getting what they were supposed to get from their fellow man now that they are turning to fellow human beings. What a meaningless life with the introduction of these good for nothing robotic toys.

Emerging of Robotic Species

The founder of the robot toys noted that it will not funny to hear this the robotic toys have their have got their species like the human beings. We will have a toy robotic species.

They are soon or later going to become human beings. Be prepared because with this degree they will overtake us in all fields they will be like human beings doing everything a human being and even doing it more perfectly that the human beings.

This is a total abuse to the human nature. They will overtake and sure the world in all the aspects of life.

Robotic toys are ruling the world

With the introduction of the robots in the society every thing is changing because you will soon notice doors be closed and opened in the robotic manner.

The introduction of the computer in going of a robot will surely finish the existence of the human being completely. They are said to be responding in every gestures. They are like human beings you will surely hear they are talking and conversing .

They are unchanged

Recently, a report given by one of the famous robot operator indicated that one of the robot had actually an implant. Some are seen moving a wheelchair. They are not changing or even aging but instead the technology is making them improve in all fields.

Today, you are here someone has invented a toy robot which will be able to do this tomorrow another person has also invented a robot that can do this also. The human being man power is diminishing and getting swiped away by the robotic world.

Use of technology

Use of technology

It was recently confirmed that one of the robot expert invented a robot that is capable of inventing electricity from fuel cells that are bacteria filled.

They are able to produce apples from even rotten apples and still dead flies. You will not be excited when you will learn the robots have succeeded in inventing electricity using their own ways and their own readily available resources.

This is a big blow to the manufactures of the materials used in producing electricity. There will also be scarcity of employment.

Most of the people who work in the energy generating industries will suffer a big blow for they will lack means of earning their income for everything will be ruled by this man –made form of creature known as the toy robot.


To my conclusion I wish to alert anyone reading this article that in near future robots will rule their world. They will be able to talk, have sex like any other human being, walk freely and do a lot of stuff that will surely make the presence of human being worth less.

Let’s imagine together when a robot which can act like a woman or a man then will our men or women get married? This is on of the biggest shortcomings of the invention of toy robots.